ANÓNIMO – Volume 6 shined in Oaxaca

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ANÓNIMO   is a non-profit contemporary art auction, where the concealment of authorship remains until the piece is sold to the highest bidder. A cultural platform that seeks to support social and cultural causes by generating new and fresh ties between Mexican and Latin-American contemporary art & design with young collectors, through an exhibition and anonymous auction. A Non-Profit initiative whose main purpose is to encourage the purchase of art as a process free of preconceived ideas, motivated only by the connection that an anonymous piece can generate

ANÓNIMO searches for ways to materialize the concept of revaluation of the work of art by its face value vs. its economic value, with the purpose of creating a scenario where the public is able to achieve an independent conversation with each piece, free from preconceived ideas about the author´s career or market value.

By eliminating the details of the authorship, the intent is to motivate the public to experience an anonymous purchase based on a personal and emotional appreciation to each work of art.

With four successful editions in Miami during Art Week, the latest at the Faena Forum and The Bass Museum of Art; and a sold out edition in Mexico City´s Tamayo Museum; ANÓNIMO will continue to raise funds for social and cultural causes that create real impact in today’s society, as it explores new and fresh ways to appreciate, collaborate and approach the complexities of today´s art world.

After five successful editions in Miami and CDMX, ANÓNIMO once again searches for ways to continue its expansive experiment as it adventures into new and uncharted territories. The next stop in the ANÓNIMO map is considered by many  the soul of Mexico – Oaxaca.

Oaxaca, filled with its unique colors, textures, tastes and smells, is what inspired the  birth of  ANÓNIMO´s first thematic edition – Textile.

The textile craftsmanship is one of the most millenary traditions in Mexico that has shaped the lives of generations of men and women in Oaxaca.

ANÓNIMO carries the mission of creating awareness on the quality and sophistication that local textile producers can offer, by

creating a special edition that will curate twenty local, national and international artists.

These artists produced and  selected unique textile works that were submitted for action  auctioned anonymously . The first Thursday of March 2019  partnership with Mezcal Amores culminated with this lively celebration raising approximately $ 90,000 from 25 auctioned pieces, which will benefit  the salvaging efforts of the textile

sacred knowledge and tradition in Oaxaca, as well as the reconstruction of homes damaged in the latest 2017 earthquakes.

In its editions ANÓNIMO has raised over its five editions $800,000 USD that

have supported various social and cultural causes such as:

_Hogar Cabañas (

_Art Nexus Foundation (

_Programa ECOS (

_The Bass Museum (

_Levantemos México (

_Boys and Girls Club de Puerto Rico (

_Fundación Olga y Rufino Tamayo (

_Faena Art (

_Blue Lab Preservation Foundation


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