Angolan artists Silvio Nascimento and Coreon Dú to participate in the 71st edition of the Berlin Film Festival

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By: Baglânia Mandrini

Angolan cinema stars Sílvio Nascimento “actor and CEO of Tellas” and Coreon Dú “musician and film producer”, will be part of the 71st edition of the Berlinale Film Festival, which will take place in the first phase from 1 to 5 March through an online format and the second phase from 9 to 20 June with open-air projections for the Berlin public.    

According to the program presented, the actor Sílvio Nascimento will be one of the speakers on the theme of Portuguese-speaking cinema in Africa, a panel that will feature the special moderation of film producer Coreon Dú.

According to information published on the organization's website: “Lusophone Africa has a growing film market, with talented filmmakers and actors working to propel the industry onto the international stage. The session will explore the emerging film industry in Lusophone Africa, its value to the international film community and the technological innovations that help them reach global audiences ”.

Also note that: The Berlinale is an Industry event for film professionals and accredited representatives of the press.

                                                                                                       Coreon Dú

                                                                                                     Silvio Nascimento
 Source: Carga Magazine


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