Singer Jay Saint creates new look for the single Stick N Move

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By: Baglânia Mandrini

R&B singer and songwriter Jay Saint creates a new visual style for his latest single entitled “Stick N Move”, from his LP ExCommitted. 

 The singer's new energetic visual luck will be released this Friday, February 26th. In relations to the new single, Jay Saint improved his compositional and performance skills to match a look that exudes his arrogance, confidence and brilliance.

The musician also says that: “Stick N Move was inspired by my last relationship”. Adding that: “I was tired of being in a toxic situation and knew that I needed more. When I let that go, I felt more artistic, more inspired. When you are more confident in yourself, people start to notice. I realized that I no longer need someone to bring me down continuously, because obviously they were wrong. I want everyone to know that if someone tries to put you in a situation where you are questioning your value, it's time for you to use Stick N Move. "

Recently committed to his partner and fashion designer Lewis Beilharz, Jay's goal is to bring more black and gay to the genre and its compositions, so that his work shows and proves his talent. Recall that for a long time the artist wrote for record labels that did not find it profitable to invest in LGBTQ + artists and now Jay is ready to make his own way through R&B.







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