Suggested film and series: Inside Out

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Riley is a fun 11-year-old girl who must face major changes in her life when her parents decide to leave her hometown of Minnesota to live in San Francisco.

In Riley’s brain, several emotions coexist, such as Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness. Their leader is Joy, who works hard to make Riley’s life always happy. However, a scuffle in the control room causes her and Sadness to be expelled from the base. Now, they need to traverse the various islands in Riley’s thoughts to be able to return to the control room — and while that doesn’t happen, the girl’s life changes radically.



What Can We Learn About Our Emotions From The Inside Out Movie

In today’s article, we’ll go a bit out of the pattern and, more than suggest, we’ll look at the film from a learning perspective.

Inside Out is a Disney film produced by the Pixar studio, released in 2015, the Oscar-winning animation, set in a child’s head. But then a children’s movie, says a lot about how we deal with feelings. 

There is a lot of psychology in Inside Out. There are several concepts adapted in this great emotional allegory, such as why to forget old facts of life, what defines your personality, unconscious issues, the formation of dreams, and even depression. Yes, depression! Although the evil of the century is never mentioned by name in the feature film, it is presented and explained in the context of the film. Even more: Inside out avoids approaching sadness as the villain or the cause of our discomfort. It offers a very important message on how to deal with it in your daily life, rather than scaring it away at any cost. With more in-depth analyses, an indirect criticism of the industry of antidepressants and medications, which try to retract emotions so that life is more “controllable”, enters. Crying, as the film so well demonstrates, is sometimes necessary — and the film could not lack those moments that bring tears to our eyes.


Joy (left, voiced by Amy Poehler) and Sadness (voiced by Phyllis Smith) catch a ride on the Train.

As much as all five emotions have moments of brilliance, the central focus is on the duo Joy and Sadness, masterfully dubbed by Amy Poehler and Phyllis Smith, respectively. Seemingly antagonistic, they must unite when they are accidentally expelled from the control room and seek, at all costs, to return to the scene. It is at this point that Riley’s life collapses, as the three remaining emotions fail to maintain normalcy. However, Joy and Sadness run through the entire structure of the human brain, revealing striking analogies with reality. Inside Out is full of symbolisms that, for the most attentive minds, are noticed at first, even though certain situations go through a clear process of infantilization, they are much smaller concerning what the film offers. Probably, this is a movie that will be much more appreciated by adults than children, even if the little ones are also able to have fun.


Extremely daring, Inside Out is one of those movies that you can watch with pleasure. Not only for the entertainment but also for how much it offers you concerning creativity, nostalgia, emotions, and life itself. One of the best movies ever made by Pixar, without any doubt.

By: Deolinda Guise



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