Timeless: Prince’s legacy

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On April 21, 2016, the world became less enlightened, one of the biggest stars in the world of music and one of the most talented went out. Not just any talent, there is talk of one who is simply one of the biggest names in pop music: Prince Rogers Nelson, known simply as Prince.

Prince was found dead in his home in Minnesota, United States, according to the TMZ tabloid, days after being admitted to a hospital with a bad flu. The Associated Press obtained confirmation of the death from the singer’s advisor. We cannot, however, fail to recall the incredible story of one of the greatest singers who influenced — and continues to influence — generations.

Emblematic. Iconic. Creative. Prince defied aesthetic and sexual standards with his authentic and eccentric style, marked an era in pop and sold millions of records and singles around the world: over 100 million LPS copies, 60 million records and sold out on his tours.

In addition to being a singer, Prince was an outstanding songwriter, energetic dancer, incredibly talented in everything he did. It was exactly because of his work and incredible talent that he is considered one of the best releases in the history of music.

That’s how he created a string of fantastic and mega-acclaimed albums such as 1999, Around The World In A Day, Sign ‘O’ The Times and the best known Purple Rain, a pop culture landmark, which earned him Grammys and even an Oscar.

All this, added to a unique and unmistakable style, made Prince a cultural icon, the only one who competed head-to-head with Michael Jackson at a time when he was consecrated as King.

After nearly a decade of reclusion and misunderstood work, in 2004, Prince performed at the Grammy Awards with Beyoncé, and released Musicology, an album that quickly entered the charts. And he made $56.5 million that year alone in concerts. It was a triumphant comeback that followed his latest album, 2007’s Planet Earth, which sold millions. Also instantly.

Por: Deolinda Guise

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